How Can I Make a Difference?

Donating time and energy to the FCAP is fun and rewarding! Below are several ways your skills can contribute to our success.  Simply contact us!

Cat Care

A few cats remain at FCAP for a period of time after spaying/neutering while we attend to minor medical conditions.  Volunteers feed/water and tidy their cages daily, which takes a bit over an hour.  Choose what day you’d like to help!  Simply contact us!

Phone Line

Volunteers return phone inquiries received at FCAP.
Learn our policies so you may assist callers.  Simply contact us!photo_(13)_Ditto.jpgsally oclony

Cat Trapping

Volunteers teach best practices for safe feral cat trapping and, upon request, may help trap at at feral colonies.  Simply contact us!

Spay Day

Spay Day requires many volunteers with varying skills.  If you have veterinary or medical experience, you can help prepare cats for surgery or help vets during surgery.  Some volunteers clean cat’s ears, take temperatures, and apply flea spray.  Other volunteers wash/dry clinic laundry and prepare surgical kits.  If you are detail-oriented, you can help with paperwork and record keeping for each cat treated.  Volunteers are needed for cat intake and check-out.  And we always need nurturing volunteers during the cat’s recovery.  Simply contact us!

Fund-Raising and Marketing

Channel your creative energy to raise money for FCAP!  Envision and pursue new funding opportunities and inform the public about the important services we provide.  This may be accomplished through research, grant-writing, networking, or simply manning an FCAP table-top during fund-raising events.  Simply contact us!

Grant Writing and Newsletter Writing

We appreciate your expertise writing grants and news articles including photography, editing, or desk-top publishing skills.  Simply contact us!