The Feral Cat Assistance Program (FCAP) offers a few well socialized previously spayed or neutered cats and kittens for adoption.   These cats came in for spay/neuter, yet had an additional medical condition we knew we could manage back to good health.


FCAPMunchkinOctober2015Munchkin is a black male cat with white accents seeking an indoor-only home.  He is healthy yet has a flea allergy which results in minor thinning of his back fur.  Munchkin enjoys being around many other cats at FCAP, is very friendly, and adores being tucked in with his fleece “blankie”.  Munchkin is quite a talker, so prepare for engaging conversation!



FCAPOpieOctober2015Opie is an orange tabby male cat who came to FCAP with a condition known as “pillow foot”.  After treatment at FCAP he quickly, fully recovered and is ready to join a family.  Opie is a strong boy — all muscle — who enjoys being petted, relishes a good brushing, is comfortable around other cats, and gives tiny, harmless love bites to say he loves and trusts you.




Mindy CatMindy is a white with gray tabby female cat who came to FCAP for spaying and was so adorable we decided to keep her temporarily for socialization and adoption.  She enjoys people and plays well with other cats, meows sweetly when greeting you, though is not yet a fan of being held.  Mindy is famous for her artistic talents, shredding paper towel rolls if they’re left out for her pleasure.  You might want to keep your paper towel rolls away from Mindy!




Interested in Adopting an FCAP Cat?

We thoroughly screen potential adopters and cats to secure a good match.  If you are committed to an adoption opportunity, we’ll ask you to complete an adoption application and we’ll arrange a meeting with your new best friend!  To inquire about these wonderful cats, email us at