The Feral Cat Assistance Program, Inc. (FCAP) is a
non-profit 100% volunteer organization which promotes non-lethal population control of feral and stray cats through a well managed, ultra-low cost ($10 per feral cat) trap-neuter-return (TNR) program.

FCAP volunteers spayed/neutered/vaccinated almost 750  feral cats in 2016!!!
FCAP also celebrated 20 years of Fixin’ Feral cats!FCAP 20 years tshirts!

Purchase a celebratory t-shirt for $15! (Call 336-378-0878.  Shipping charges apply if mailing is required.)

Holiday shoppers, your online purchases through Amazon Smile automatically supports FCAP!

If you manage feral/stray cats in or near Greensboro, NC:



A tipped left ear is a universal sign that a homeless cat has been spayed or neutered so it will not reproduce. At FCAP, our veterinarian volunteers tip an anesthetized cat’s left ear during spay/neuter surgery.